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Geraldton: (08) 6182 1703


Konnectus Services

Our Specialists are skilled and ready to assist

Konnectus Support Coordination is an experienced provider of NDIS Support Coordination services. Our company is a part of the My Way family, and we are committed to engaging with culturally diverse participants, as reflected in the Konnectus Support Coordination team. Many of us come from all backgrounds and speak various languages. 

Support Coordination

Konnectus Support Coordination

Level 1: Konnectus Support Coordination

We help participants understand and navigate their NDIS plan, connect with providers, and engage with community and mainstream support.

  • Boosting participant confidence and skills for independent plan management.
  • Creating tailored and comprehensive support plans to address your individual needs and aspirations.
  • Continuously monitoring your progress and adjusting your support plan as necessary.

Level 2: Konnectus Support Coordination

Implementing a mix of supports to enhance your ability to maintain relationships, manage tasks, live independently, and actively participate in your community.

  • Boosting participant confidence and skills for independent plan management.
  • Creating tailored and comprehensive support plans to address your individual needs and aspirations.
  • Coordinating various services from different providers, including healthcare, housing, education, and employment services.
  • Championing your cause to ensure you receive the right support and services, acting on your behalf.
  • Providing support and encouragement to you and your support network to overcome obstacles and attain your goals.
Specialist Support Coordination

Specialist Support Coordination

Specialist Support Coordinators are skilled at assisting with intricate requirements, overcoming obstacles, and gaining access to the necessary NDIS support. Their specialised problem-solving skills become invaluable when navigating complex situations.

Specialist Support Coordinators help with:

  • Complex health support needs, including mental health.
  • Transition from hospital to home.
  • Engagement with the justice system, including attending court sessions, hospitals, child support, etc.
  • Advocacy to ensure you receive the appropriate support and services.
  • Support and encouragement for you and your support network to achieve your goals and overcome barriers.

Discover a path to empowerment with our dedicated NDIS Support Coordinators and compassionate Psychosocial Recovery Coaches. We’re committed to guiding you towards choice, control, and meaningful progress.

Psychosocial Recovery Coach

Psychosocial Recovery Coach

Our psychosocial Recovery Coaches work closely with individuals encountering psychosocial support needs, leveraging their personal experiences with mental health. They understand the complexities of daily life and recognise the importance of choice and control in the recovery process.

Konnectus Recovery Coaching uses a person-centred approach and rapport-building to understand your recovery journey. A recovery coach actively listens to your needs.

Psychosocial recovery coaching is a strengths-based model that focuses on the following:

  • your strengths, abilities, hopes and dreams
  • your qualities
  • your values
  • your skills, talents and natural intelligence.

They apply their firsthand understanding of mental health to support you.

Our Recovery Coaches:

  • Collaborate and support you and your support network to develop and implement a recovery plan.
  • Invest time with you and those significant to you, aiming to comprehend your needs.
  • Aid in your recovery planning, guiding you to discover services and supports suited to your situation.
  • Coach you to enhance your recovery skills and personal capacity, encompassing motivation, strengths, resilience, and decision-making.
  • Prioritise choice and control throughout your recovery journey.
  • Assist in comprehending and navigating the NDIS.

We empower you to seize greater control of your life and effectively manage day-to-day challenges. This support can facilitate your transition into employment and secure, stable housing or help you embark on the next pivotal phase of your life.

At Konnectus Support Coordination, you steer your recovery while our coach provides expertise and encouragement to foster positive change and help you attain your specific goals.

Housing and Living Supports

Home and Living Supports

Making Choices Easy

Our experienced team can guide you through different housing and support options that fit your situation and plan, including;

  • getting help while living on your own (Supported Independent Living)
  • assisting in finding a home designed for your specific needs (Specialist Disability Accommodation)
  • customised living options that suit you (Individualised Living Options)
  • supported Independent Living (SIL)


Supported Independent Living (SIL)

If you need 24-hour support, Supported Independent Living (SIL) might be for you. SIL homes have 1-4 people with similar needs, offering help with daily tasks like personal care. We’ll work with you to find the best SIL home so you can live independently and build your skills.

Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA)

There are more homes around Australia designed for people with disabilities. Our Support Coordinators will assist you in finding a place that fits your needs, as per your NDIS funding, so that you can live as independently as possible. If you need a lot of support or find it hard to live in regular housing, talk to your Konnectus Support Coordinator to find suitable SDA accommodation.

Individualised Living Options (ILO)

Our goal is to help you live the way you want, and we want to help you use your funding in the best way. We’ll work with you, your family, and your plan in applying for government housing and or affordable rental properties.