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Geraldton: (08) 6182 1703


Expert NDIS Support Coordination

Konnectus Support Coordination is a seasoned provider of NDIS Support Coordination services. As a member of the My Way family, our dedication extends to effectively connecting with a wide range of participants.

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We believe experienced and friendly Support Coordination is essential for people with disability and their families to build a capacity for greater independence to self-direct, provide self-advocacy and build a sense of personal health and well-being.


We will strengthen collaborative Support Coordination partnerships with people with disability, families, carers, service providers and mainstream organisations.


To support the person with disability, family and significant others to participate in and contribute to health, social, economic, and emotional well-being to the best of their ability.

To promote choice, control, safety, comfort, and dignity with consistent respect for persons with disability and family needs, wishes, interests, and dreams.

To ensure that support, connections and links to service providers are discussed and explained to persons with disability, families and significant others in a spirit of mutual respect, cooperation, and collaboration.


Choice and Control – The person(s) with disability should hathe opportunity to live their vision of a good life. This person is in the centre of decision-making and the ‘driver’s seat’ of their support. This person has a voice and the support to make informed decisions and is supported to understand consent.

Interconnection – Connecting people with disabilities and their families to different groups and networks of various experts.

Empowerment – Seek opportunities for the person with disability so they can flourish in their communities. Advocate for, create meaningful relationships and friendships, employment and community inclusion. Develop independent life skills and a sense of pride in the person’s achievements.

Independence – To support and build capacity in each person with a disability and their family by increasing their sense of control and flexibility. Encourage independence as the person with disability creates or chooses their activities, goals and services. Including hiring Support staff, deciding where to live and having the flexibility to move funding and activities wherever they go with support.

Performance Measures

  • The person(s) with disability and their family understand the amount of NDIS funding approved and the support goals. They have signed service agreements and have bookings with relevant providers of their choice.
  • The person with disability has a secure home, supported by people they like or choose, and feels safe and satisfied with their support.
  • The person with disability lives a quality life in the community. They know their community, such as the local swimming pool, sports and recreational centre, shops and restaurants. Ideally, the person knows their neighbour and can move safely and freely to destinations like a community library.
  • The person with disability has meaningful family relationships and long-term friendships. They can meet for events like lunch and birthdays.
  • The person with disability has a social network of people that, at times, can also allow access to the broader community, for example, karaoke concerts and Guitar Hero parties.

Service Overview

Konnectus Support Coordination delivers you and your family services to improve:

Better Access to Providers

Konnectus Support Coordination is a registered NDIS Service Provider. Our team deliver better access and links to NDIS-funded support services and non-NDIS mainstream support services.

Personal Attention & Support

Konnectus Support Coordination offers personalised support coordination, recognising everyone’s uniqueness. We acknowledge the importance of giving you the freedom to choose and control how you use your available funding.

We collaborate with you and your support network to explore the potential of your Plan, connecting you with the supports that best match your needs.

Why Konnectus Support Coordination?

Connect With Our Network of Contacts

We provide overarching, multidisciplinary and multi-faceted coordination of NDIS services providers, mainstream providers, government departments and private health professionals to deliver comprehensive care and services to people with disability in the community.

You can access a broad range of service providers, private practitioners, and community and hospital clinical and psychosocial services brought to you by your qualified and experienced support coordinators through Konnectus Support Coordination.

A person with a disability may face many barriers to establishing relationships and becoming engaged with family, local services providers, mainstream providers, and communities, which can limit opportunities for linking and maintaining active participation.

Services From A Culturally Diverse Team

Konnectus Support Coordination is a culturally competent organisation responsible for providing services to people from Aboriginal and other culturally diverse backgrounds.

A person with a disability may face many barriers to establishing relationships and becoming engaged with family, local services providers, mainstream providers, and communities, which can limit opportunities for linking and maintaining active participation.

Access Your Own NDIS Personal Coach

An NDIS support coordinator is like an “NDIS Plan Coach”. You engage a Support Coordinator when your NDIS Plan is approved.

What You Can Expect

Konnectus Support Coordination delivers you and your family services to improve:

Konnectus Support Coordinators will:

  • Assist you in understanding your NDIS Plan, support your goals, and work with you to plan the use of the available funded budget in your Plan.
  • Connect and link you with the Support services of your choice.
  • Assist you in establishing support by ensuring providers have service agreements and bookings according to the allocated budget.
  • Monitor the service delivery and funding to ensure the Providers provide support relevant to your goals.
  • Coach, refine, and reflect with you on the progress of your goals.
  • Assist you in addressing and resolving crisis points or challenges that might arise with your providers.
  • Coach and build capacity to increase independence in managing your support.
  • Record and document your progress, goals, achievements, and reports to the NDIA.
  • Assist you in preparing for your plan reviews, change of circumstances and advocacy when they are coming up.

Recovery Coaches

  • Assist you with health and wellness to develop resilience and overcome psychological, emotional, and social barriers to live a fuller life.
  • Identify triggers, barriers, and strengths and work with you to build capacity and resilience.
  • Help identify your strengths and work toward successfully changing life situations that may hold you back.

Specialist Support Coordinators

  • Provide housing exploration reports to NDIA if required.
  • Assist in gathering information, planning, and writing up Home and Living application supports.
  • Address complex barriers and implement services for people with complex needs.